Champions of Fern Bay Event 2 info


Track layout

Server pass: loveforspeed

UTC 19:00: Qualification 15min

– Qualification time for the race is 110% of the pole time. Though we are not waterproof strict with this rule, for example if you are a well known league racer and/or you have already done a quick enough personal best on the event server OR if you give an impression of a safe racer who respect others and does not go off track every minute, you will be allowed to participate the race. 

Break ~3min

– Between qualification and race, there will be ~ 3 minute (depending on how long it lasts to the last car to end his hotlap) break.

UTC 19:20: Race 14 laps

– Jump start ->  Not guaranteed you can join the race after you do this

– No mandatory pit stop

– No pit lane speed limit (in case you need to visit pits)

– No restarts/restart votes (in extreme disaster cases and or unexpected issues, admin may restart)