Champions of Fern Bay: General Information

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Series structure:

Champions of Fern Bay is a series of single events created spontaneously. No sign up, no point system etc. However, the wish is that you join the event in time – the server may be passworded and midrace joining will not be possible.

You can find all timetables in your local timezone from LFS Leagues Race Calendar

The event will be held at 9397 Racing server.

The server may be passworded before qualification. In that case, the password is loveforspeed.

Rules during event:

Unfair/disrespecting/silly behaviour may lead to disqualification/kick/ ban, for example

  • disrespecting Blue Flag
  • disrespecting good and fair racing habits, ramming, blocking etc.
  • using the track for other purposes than racing
  • disturbing in chat

Other rules

  • Your ping must be below 400 for participating the event
  • cheats and hacks will lead to 999 day ban from the server
  • Spectators should not use chat during race, if you retire from race, don’t chat please
  • If mess happens on 1st lap, race will NOT be restarted. Restart votes will be automatically canceled.
  • Button clutch is not banned. Why? I think, if you have put effort to learn it, you earn the advantage it gives. Same logic with manual gears vs. automatic gears. However, button clutch macros are prohibited and will lead to ban.

What if I crash my car?

  • If you car flips on the track, so that you cannot move it any more, you should spectate as quick as possible
  • If you crash but your car still drivable, you don’t need to spectate, just try your best to not cause additional danger and resume the race safely
  • If someone else crashes in front of you or you see yellow flag: Don’t hurry so much that you lose your awareness  it is also your responsibility to avoid wrecks on the track

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