Love Affair @Fern Bay 2019 Round 2 Results



Opening lap:

Official results:


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Race stats

Watch mpRes stats of the race (thanks for jackson93 aka M@CI3K for this). Note, mpRes sheets are not official results.


Open point standings chart


  • TSOracing/William for driving wrong way the track (not very far from the race leader) after spun and got lost. You should study the track before the race well enough that you don’t need to get lost during race.
  • davidins/Anhur for leaving his car upside down in “chicane route” just for gathering attention, and created dangerous situation for the next car crossing the place. If your car flips on the race line. Spectate as soon as you see that it will remain upside down.
  • was there other dangerous situation? tell me


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Voucher draw

Drivers who signed up before event day and finished the race, are included in 6£ LFS Voucher draw:

  • jkat
  • Eclipsed
  • teppari
  • TSOracing
  • nikolai_01

The voucher draw happened as a scheduled draw at 17.2.2019 on Congratulations TSOracing!


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Fun episodes of the race: (post your own)

[somebody film “William lost in the maze”? xD]