Love Affair @Fern Bay 2019 Round 2 Quick Info

Specific information for Round 2:

– Timetable will be the same as Round1: Quali at UTC 16:00, 1 hour Race at Quali at UTC 16:30

– There will be an unofficial practice race the day before at UTC 17:00. You’ll find all these events in your local timezone from LFS Leagues Race Calendar

– For officially finishing this round you need to drive until race ends, and be no more than 4 laps behind the winner

-Qualification level for the race has been raised to 110% of the pole position time (and we still will not be strict on it)

-No pitlane speed limit either here

– You may want to sign up to join the Voucher Draw after race. Read more here.

– Parking & podium can be found after pit exit to the right (as in the video thumbnail)

– Driving tips for the layout: Read the description part of the preview video clip above.