Love Affair @Fern Bay 2019 Round 3 Quick Info

Specific information for Round 3:

– Timetable will be the same as Round1: Quali at UTC 16:00, 1 hour Race at Quali at UTC 16:30

– We will have a practice race the day before at UTC 17:00. You’ll find all these events in your local timezone from LFS Leagues Race Calendar

– For officially finishing this round you need to drive until race ends, and be no more than 3 laps behind the winner

-On the race day, server will be passworded from the start of qualification until race start.

The password will be loveforspeed. Password will be removed after race has started and mid race join has been disabled. This is just for PR purposes for having some audience. If you feel extra audience is disturbing, message me.

-Joining/Rejoining race is possible during first 2% of the race length, meaning first 72 seconds! You can rejoin only once!

– SHIFT+P will spectate your car and re-joining not possible if race started over 72 seconds ago (this is just a bugfix after round2)

– You may want to sign up to join the Voucher Draw after race. Read more here.

– Podium will be in the 2nd floor of pits, at the rear end.

– Official parking is to the left after start lane/pit exit.

Watch this Nova’s great hotlap during practice session: