Love Affair @Fern Bay 2019 Round 4 Quick Info

– Car: FZ5 (this round requires S2 license!)

-Track FE2X Premium Karussell (watch the video above and read the description of the vid)

– Timetable : Saturday 2.3.2019: 20 min Quali at UTC 16:00, 1 hour Race at UTC 16:30. You’ll find all these events in your local timezone from LFS Leagues Race Calendar

-Server will be passworded from the start of qualification until race start.

The password will be loveforspeed. Password will be removed after race has started. This is just for PR purposes for having some audience. If you feel extra audience is disturbing, block chat messages with ‘-‘ button (works as on/off toggle button)

– Unlike in previous event, car-reset will be OFF during qualify. We will have enough time in 20 min to do some quick laps.

– Qualification level is 110% from pole position time (estimation: 3:00-3:02)

-Drivers showing dangerous driving during qualify, will be kicked

Midrace joining will be disabled. SHIFT+P will spectate your car and re-joining not possible. Jump start will spectate you and you will be out of the race (sorry for that)

– No mandatory pit stop

-No speed limit on pit lane

-You can’t join with ping more than 400

-During race, specatators don’t chat. Racers don’t communicate with spectators during race. You don’t need to answer questions of spectators like “how long is this race” etc.  You will just get more questions if you answer them.

Less important chill-fact: Official parking/podium is to the left (at FE5 entrance) after start lane/pit exit:


From the parking place there will be a path to the podium (in the pic above its under construction)


Round 4 Results and Series results will be posted here later.