Love Affair @Fern Bay 2019 Series Results


TOP 10 Standings

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Congratz AA| AOR Nova for well deserved series victory!

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Round specific results

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Voucher draws

  • Drivers who signed up before the series and finished every race, are included in 6£ LFS Voucher draw. There are only two drivers and they are:
    • [WCL] T. Soini
    • [WCL] J.A.Katila

The draw happened as a scheduled draw and the result is:

    • FinishedAllRounds VoucherDraw
  • Top 10 finishers of the series (see slideshow above) are included in 9£ LFS Voucher draw. The draw happened as a scheduled draw and result is:

top10 voucher draw


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The aim of racing, having fun, and learning something, was fulfilled perfectly!


Final version of all layouts , including 40slot pits/grids and some fine tunings (I think Round 3 LYT changed the most, after series introduction).