Love Affair @Fern Bay 2019 General Information

(updated 21.2.2019, last updates with green color)

Any of this information may change until the event day. Give feedback

Series structure:

Love Affair @Fern Bay series will consist of four rounds happening on following days at :


  • Practice race 08.02.2019 UTC 17:00
  • Qualify and Race: 09.02.2019 UTC 16:00


  • Practice race 15.02.2019 UTC 17:00
  • Qualify and Race: 16.02.2019 UTC 16:00

– Round 3: LX4@FE6Y BLACK KARUSSELL       >>> ROUND 3 RESULTS <<<

  • Practice race 22.02.2019 UTC 17:00
  • Qualify and Race: 23.02.2019 UTC 16:00

– Round 4:  FZ5@FE2X BLACK KARUSSELL     >>> ROUND 4 RESULTS <<<

  • Practice race 01.03.2019 UTC 17:00
  • Qualify and Race: 02.03.2019 UTC 16:00

You can find all timetables in your local timezone from LFS Leagues Race Calendar

You need S1 license for first three events and S2 license for the last event.

Sign up for the entire series either here or here. (Please sign up at least one day before an event, then you have chance to join the round specific voucher draw that is explained later in this document.) One sign up is enough! You don’t need to sign up separately for every round.

Where I can see who has signed up for this event?

After every event

  •  one 6£ LFS Voucher will be randomly drawn among those who finished* the race.  Note: Racers joined without sign up are excluded from draw. Sign up must be done one day before event. The voucher draw will be scheduled and the link will be posted in advance to all racers who joined the draw. The result of the draw will be announced later in the Round Results page.
  • points standings will be updated
  • Results information pages will be created & updated

Between events

  • 9397 Racing server is loaded with the layout of the next event
  • the server is in quick race mode and also other cars may be available
  • 1-2 days before event the server goes into practice mode and only the event car is available

After last event

  • Series Results page will be created & updated
  • One 6£ LFS Voucher will be randomly drawn among top10 in the points standings
  • One 9£ LFS Voucher will be randomly drawn among racers that have finished* all four races in the series (with or without signing up!). The voucher draws will be announced in the Series results information page (not yet created).
  • We are happy for the series winner

Event structure:

Each series round will be an “event” containing qualification and race.

The event will be held at 9397 Racing server.

The server may be passworded before or after qualification. In that case, the password will be written in the chat/sent via pm in LFS Forum etc.

UTC 16:00: Qualification 20min

– Qualification time for the race is 110% of the pole time. Though we are not waterproof strict with this rule, for example if you are a well known league racer and/or you have already done a quick enough personal best on the event server OR if you give an impression of a safe racer who respect others and does not go off track every minute, you will be allowed to participate the race. Its up to the race director (or…race dictator hehe) to decide that!

Break ~7min

– Between qualification and race, there will be ~ 7 minute (depending on how long it lasts to the last car to end his hotlap) break.

– During this break, server will be passworded. Password will be loveforspeed. Password will be removed after race has started.

UTC 16:30: Race 1hour

– Race lenght will no be defined as laps, instead the lenght is 1 hour. After one hour when leader crosses start/finish line, the race is finished.

– Jump start -> Spectate. You need to wait some 15 sec until race has started, then you can join.  – Midrace join possible during “first lap”

– No mandatory pit stop

– No restarts/restart votes (in extreme disaster cases and or unexpected issues, admin may restart)

– You have *finished the race if both are true:

* Your name is in the game’s Finished-list

* You are no more than 3 laps behind the winner (Round 1 & 3)

* You are no more than 4 laps behind the winner (Round 2 & 4)

Pointing system:

Points from the race are give as follow: MaxPoints=Amount of cars in the grid

Winner gets MaxPoints+3

2nd gets MaxPoints

3rd gets MaxPoints-2

4th gets MaxPoints-3

5th gets MaxPoints-4

etc. until there is finishers

* Every finisher will earn points.

* Every finisher will earn skill points as follow:

  • 1 point from finishing Round 2
  • 2 points from finishing Round 3
  • 3 points from finishing Round 4

* Additional points given:

  • Pole position: 1 point
  • Fastest lap (among the finishers) 1 point

See points standings table with example points


Rules during event:

Layouts used in the series

Unfair/disrespecting/silly behaviour may lead to disqualification/kick/ ban, for example

  • disrespecting Blue Flag
  • disrespecting good and fair racing habits, ramming, blocking etc.
  • using the track for other purposes than racing
  • disturbing in chat

Other rules

  • Your ping must be below 400 for participating the event
  • driving the car backwards around the track (this rule is specially for UM21) is prohibited
  • cheats and hacks will lead to 999 day ban from the server
  • Spectators should not use chat during race, if you retire from race, don’t chat please
  • If mess happens on 1st lap, race will NOT be restarted. Restart votes will be automatically canceled.
  • Don’t forget the qualification time rule. It is described in the Event Structure section.
  • Button clutch is not banned. Why? I think, if you have put effort to learn it, you earn the advantage it gives. Same logic with manual gears vs. automatic gears. However, button clutch macros are prohibited and will lead to ban.

What if I crash my car?

  • If you car flips on the track, so that you cannot move it any more, you should spectate as quick as possible
  • If you crash but your car still drivable, you dont need to spectate, just try your best to not cause additional danger and resume the race safely
  • If someone else crashes in front of you or you see yellow flag: Don’t hurry so much that you lose your awareness  it is your responsibility to avoid wrecks on the track

Read also: How to prepare for an event