UFB @BL4X_MonacoRev 30.3.2017

17:00 UTC / 19:00 CEST / 20:00 EEST

Server: 9397 Racing

Car: UFB 

Laps: 20 (estimated race length ~ 35 min)

Qualification 50min

Pre-event information

  • Server is 24/7 online and ready for practicing

Qualification info

  • Qualification happens between 19:00-19:50am CEST / 20:00-20:50am EEST
  • In case server would become full, server will be passworded (password=loveforspeed) 10min before qualification ends (19:40 CEST)
  • During qualification, you need to record a time under 1:45 to attend the race. Otherwise you will be disqualified.
  • You can do as many laps you want during Q, and you can pit as many times you want.
  • You dont need to participate whole qualification. Its enough you perform under required time.

Race info

  • After qualification, 3min break then 1-3min briefing for the race
  • we may have test race of 1 lap, before actual race, if we decide in the briefing
  • Race starts about 19:55-59 CEST / 20:55-59 EEST
  • After official race has started, you cannot rejoin the race / you cannot join mid-race
  • No mandatory pitstops
  • SHIFT+P during race = retired from race
  • Unfair/disrespecting behaviour may lead to disqualification/kick/ ban, for example
    • disrespecting Blue Flag
    • disrespecting good and fair racing habits
    • cheats and speed hacks will lead to 999 day ban from the server
  • Spectators should not use chat during race
    • (You can always hide messages with ‘-‘ button.)
  • Button clutch will be disabled if poll result  will not change
  • If mess happens on 1st lap, race will NOT be restarted. You need to suffer from the mess the lasting 20 laps. Restart votings will be automatically cancelled.
  • Race result will be published on web page https://9397racing.wordpress.com/past-events/
  • Among all finishers (min 19 laps completed) one LFS voucher will be drawn.

What if I crash my car?

  • If you car flips on the track, so that you cannot move it any more, you should spectate as quick as possible
  • If you crash but your car still drivable, you dont need to spectate, just try your best to get out of racing line and resume the race safely
  • If someone else crashes: Don’t hurry so much that you lose your awareness of possible vechiles in the middle of race line – it is your responsibility to avoid them.

How to prepare for the event:

  • Do longer stints with your setup you are going to user for race
    • check how it affects tyre wear & temperature, fuel consumption
    • plan your fuel/tyre strategy
  • Check your attitude
    • Don’t push and rush like in sprint races, speed has no value if you lack patience
    • Respect other racers, don’t ram even when you are faster than other
    • Participation is more important than victory
    • Don’t take it too seriously. Let’s enjoy the challenge and have fun.
  • Understand the atmosphere of the track. Its easy to do errors. Consistent, accurate driving leads to good results. Instead to trying overtake in difficult place, rather just wait opponent does error. Qualification and good start position matters a lot!
  • Understand what Blue Flag means and have a thought how you would behave in blue flag situation
  • Practice doing pitstop, you may need to pit even you did not planned it
    • Finding pit slot and stopping there successfully (easier in F -mode)
    • Find out how much time it takes to refuel, change tyres, fixing damages
    • study how F12 view works and how you can modify it while driving (fuel, tyres, damage fixes…etc etc.)