UFJ @BL2X_IndustrialOceanus 7.4.2017

17:00 UTC / 19:00 CEST / 20:00 EEST

Server: 9397 Racing

Car: UFJ

Laps: 18 (estimated race length ~ 35 min)

Qualification 45min

Pre-event information

  • Server is 24/7 online and ready for practicing

Qualification info

  • Qualification happens between 19:00-19:45am CEST / 20:00-20:45am EEST
  • In case server would become full, server will be passworded (password=loveforspeed) 10min before qualification ends (19:35 CEST)
  • During qualification, you need to record a time under 1:53 to attend the race. Otherwise you will be disqualified.
  • You can do as many laps you want during Q, and you can pit as many times you want.
  • You don’t need to participate whole qualification. Its enough you perform under required time.

Race info

  • After qualification, 3min break then 1-3min briefing for the race
  • we may have test race of 1 lap, before actual race, if we decide in the briefing
  • Race starts about 19:50-55 CEST / 20:50-55 EEST
  • After official race has started, you cannot rejoin the race / you cannot join mid-race
  • No mandatory pitstops
  • SHIFT+P during race = retired from race
  • Unfair/disrespecting behaviour may lead to disqualification/kick/ ban, for example
    • disrespecting Blue Flag
    • disrespecting good and fair racing habits
    • cheats and speed hacks will lead to 999 day ban from the server
  • Spectators should not use chat during race
    • (You can always hide messages with ‘-‘ button.)
  • If mess happens on 1st lap, race will NOT be restarted. Restart votings will be automatically cancelled.
  • Race result will be published on web page https://9397racing.wordpress.com/past-events/
  • Among all finishers (min 17 laps completed) one LFS voucher will be drawn.

What if I crash my car?

  • If you car flips on the track, so that you cannot move it any more, you should spectate as quick as possible
  • If you crash but your car still drivable, you dont need to spectate, just try your best to get out of racing line and resume the race safely
  • If someone else crashes: Don’t hurry so much that you lose your awareness of possible vechiles in the middle of race line – it is your responsibility to avoid them

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